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Rental Procedure

Following is an explanation of the procedures from the point of inquiry up until contract for the use of PREMIUM OFFICE.


Please inquire via e-mail.
Please note that while e-mail inquiries can be made at any time, it may take some time until you receive a response.


Book an inspection

Advance bookings are necessary for inspections.
You can book an inspection via e-mail or over the telephone by providing the following information.
・Company name (Personal name)
・Name of representative
・Telephone number
・Mobile phone number
・e-mail address
・Number of people
・Preferred date/time (In principle, inspections can be arranged between the hours of 10:00-18:00 Mon-Fri.)
One of our staff will confirm your preferred date via e-mail.

Book an inspection

On the day of the inspection

One of our staff will be waiting at the building entrance on the day of the inspection.
During the inspection, staff will explain the terms of use and the available facilities. We encourage you to use this time to ask any questions you may have about the rooms.
Applications can also be made on the day of the inspection.

Membership Applications

《Provision of application form》 Please fill in the required information on the prescribed application form.


《Please prepare the necessary documentation at the time of contract》 Corporate applications: Company registration certificate & Certificate of registered seal
Individual applications: Certificate of items entered into the certificate of residence, Certificate of registered seal and a copy of your Drivers license/Passport, etc.
《Contract》 Applicants will be required to affix their signature and seal to two copies of the rental contract. 《Payment of contract fee》 Applicants will be required to deposit the contract fee into a nominated bank account. 《Explanation of how to use the security system and terms of use》 Once the contract documents and deposit of the contract fee have been confirmed, one copy of the contract will be returned to you.

Start using your office space

《Explanation of terms of use》 Use of the conference rooms
Use of the security system
Use of the Internet
《Setting up your business mail box》 An explanation will be provided on how to set up your business mail box. You are now ready to start using your own PREMIUM OFFICE.
We invite you to use PREMIUM OFFICE to get the most out of your business and private life.