Hamamatsucho is a multicultural business area and home to the World Trade Center.
Not only does the location offer direct access to JR Hamamatsucho Station, but also to Haneda Airport as the starting point of the Tokyo Monorail. Hamamatsucho is situated in what could be called Japan's center for international business.

Styled on the concept of "BROOKLYN MODERN"
A mix of modern and vintage to create a functional chic feel and warm open spaces.
Choose from completely private booths for 1-4 people or a free zone for members where you can share a number of freely arranged desks.
If the photo is different from the actual condition, the current condition will be given priority.


Completely private booth plan with a focus on security for 1-4 people. Monthly rent starting from 48,000 yen.
PREMIUM OFFICE HAMAMATSUCHO offers a compact yet comfortable office space complete with furniture and telephone lines connected to the reception area.
It is premium office space with free, high-speed Wi-Fi and a total security system.
All the necessities for a comfortable office space are provided from the day you join up.

  1. ・Desks and chairs for fixed number of employees
  2. ・Rest area (water server, Office Glico)
  3. ・Telephone lines connected to reception area
  4. ・Multi-function printer with security features (charges apply)
  5. ・Free, high-speed Wi-Fi
  6. ・Conference rooms to seat 10 or 6 people (charges apply)
  7. ・Personal mail box


Free zone plan with no fixed seating. Monthly rent starting from 15,000 yen.
The share office provides free, high-speed Wi-Fi and power points for personal computers.
It also offers sofas for communication between members, conference rooms and personal lockers.
The office space can be used 24hrs a day and the address can be used for corporate registration.

  1. ・Desks and chairs
  2. ・Conference rooms to seat 10 or 6 people (charges apply)
  3. ・Free, high-speed Wi-Fi
  4. ・Personal mail box (charges apply)
  5. ・Power points
  6. ・Rest area (water server, Office Glico)
  7. ・Personal lockers (charges apply)


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